Engage Real Estate Buyers

UrbanForm™ is an Interactive Real Estate Sales and Marketing Platform that allows real estate builders and brokers to assemble properties and engage potential buyers around the world using advanced interactive interfaces, in real-time.


Engage potential buyers at the sales center using large format touch-screens, as well as around the world using all known browsers.

Lead Generating

Effortlessly market and mass distribute projects to targeted audiences while collecting leads submitted by users in real-time.


Pick and choose your ideal presentation modules: Video, 360o Tour, Augmented Reality and more.

Usage Tracking & Reporting

Track platform usage patterns including: interface use, popularity of floors and units, visitor geo location and lead collection.

How Does UrbanFormTM Work?

UrbanFormTM can be deployed by sales and marketing teams at real estate presentation sales centers, offices and trade shows in order to present condos, communities and commercial spaces in an interactive manner using kiosks, touch screens, hand held devices and personal computers.

As an online browser based tool, UrbanFormTM is highly accessible and can be initiated by users around the world. Users are exposed to the latest information provided by the builder. They can receive up-to-date news, learn about the availability of units, submit interest in single and multiple units and spaces and speak to an agent using a video conferencing module. At the same time, builders can receive detailed usage reports and leads as they are being submitted to the system.

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