How to Boost Sales with UrbanForm™

“When deployed, UrbanForm™ not only drives information but does so with extreme precision and detail using highly interactive features (Usage ‘Anchors’) that can integrate with powerful external tools.”

UrbanForm Screen
(Above image: UrbanForm™ Interface)

Real estate sales agencies and teams often use Google Suite (primarily Adwords) to acknowledge potential buyers and drive them to different real estate websites in an attempt to have them registered.

A sale will depend on buyers’ needs, key property features and price, location and of course the level of ‘Stickiness’ the website or portal provides.

Nowadays, web browsers can support advanced components, allowing for highly engaging applications to replace traditional websites.

Such web applications can be highly effective as they draw benefits and provide unlimited capabilities when it comes to User Interfaces and connection to different Web Services.

As a web application, UrbanForm™ not only drives information but does so with extreme precision and detail using highly interactive features (Usage ‘Anchors’) that can integrate with powerful external tools.

Google Adwords Ads
(Above image: Targeted Ad Groups using Google Adwords)

Today’s real estate sales industry often become dependent on custom websites and random operators – website platforms and hosting environments that vary in quality, level of service, level of transparency, detail and quality of data, data storage and reporting.

UrbanForm™ is deployed within the same environment no matter the project; it offers a far more stable solution (Version Controlled), flexibility and an array of pre-built user options.

Since UrbanForm™ provides multiple interactive features, users spend more time (Stickiness), will send more data back to the seller and generate a lead. As data is gathered via multiple projects – comparisons can now be made across the board.

Google Analytics GEO Data
(Above image: Real-time Usage broken into time segments and locations)

UrbanForm™ is directly integrated with Google Suite, chat solutions such as Zopim and CRM lead data gathering and management solutions such as iTrac (

Event tracking allows sales teams to have full transparency, (including in ‘Real-Time’) to not only track users but also actively engage them using chat at the ‘right moment’. Once users engage with a sales representative they can be guided through the project. Multiple agents can be a part of the conversation on-demand.

Google Analytics Events
(Above image: Real-time Usage broken into Events. Detailed Events help sales teams improve their tactics for better results - even as buyers use the system in real-time)

Combining between Google’s Suite (Analytics, GEO Targeting, Adwords), Zopim and UrbanForm™ as an interactive feature rich tool – can do magic and can produce strong daily leads for your new or pre-construction condo at a low price point.

Zopim Interface
(Above image: Zopim can be used to actively engage undecided buyers while taking in consideration Real-time usage patterns of the same users by reviewing Google Analytics i.e. events, geo location, usage duration, returning vs. unique visits and more)

UrbanForm™ Out-of-Home

As a touch-screen ready solution, UrbanForm™ can also be set up within sales centers and events using kiosks, be wall mounted or via Tablets. It works similarly to a common standalone Interactive Software and even better – with a click of a button, it will engage buyers and investors anywhere in the world.

Sales Center
(Above image: 3 UrbanForm™ kiosks at a sales center)

Are you a Builder? or a Real Estate Sales Firm?

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