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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes UrbanForm™ so unique?

For years, real estate companies use various methods to showcase and sell properties and spaces, taking advantage of multiple online and offline tools that vary in quality and effectiveness.

UrbanForm™ is a platform that provides a systemic approach to all property types, turning real estate inventory into a set of projects that can be easily accessed, managed and showcased by the builder, effectively targeting captive audiences.

UrbanForm™ combines the simplicity of a modern client facing tool and an array of complex highly interactive interfaces that not only showcase data but allowing them to submit data directly to the sellers lead database.

Being a browser based tool – it is highly accessible, engaging users from the sales presentation centers to anywhere in the world.

Is UrbanForm™ only good for Condos?

UrbanForm™ is also effective in showcasing: office spaces, plazas, and communities.

Who uses UrbanForm™?

UrbanForm is a powerful tool that can benefit Real Estate Developers, Property Managers, Brokers, Agents and Buyers.

The ability to keep content up to date, track usage, being highly accessible and easy-to-use make UrbanForm extremely efficient: Potential Buyers can learn about a property without too much hassle while interacting with feature rich interfaces. Real Estate Developers can market a property with minimum effort, increase exposure to single or multiple properties and lower marketing costs while tracking the entire process – start to finish.

Is UrbanForm™ a 'World Wide' solution?

UrbanForm runs online by default which makes it a highly accessible solution: buyers in Canada can explore and interact with a property in Australia etc.

UrbanForm knows no borders and we are always on the look-out for international partnerships.

Is UrbanForm™ really better?

A recent case study has proven that UrbanForm™ does engage users for longer periods of time than traditional sites on an average of 2:40 minutes per session and generates quality leads at a higher rate as well: out of 110 users 17 unit requests were submitted.

By being a real estate oriented highly visual tool – UrbanForm™ is extremely user friendly and users find what they are looking for effortlessly.

Do you provide marketing assets?

Marketing assets and content are usually provided at an early stage by the builders marketing team who often hires production companies.

If required, our production team can produce content: design, animation, video and 3D.

Are you competing with Marketing Firms?

There are perfect synergies between marketing firms and UrbanForm™.

UrbanForm™ is beneficial for marketing firms as a highly accessible platform. It is stable and easy to set up and is designed to take full advantage of common marketing assets as complex as they may be. It helps both sales and marketing teams to provide builders with detailed usage reports and other important information.

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