UrbanFormTM engages users with a variety of powerful interactive modules that highlight different aspects of the property. Modules can be integrated on-demand.

Floor and Unit Navigator

Learn about property spaces including availability while navigating through an easy-to-use floor and unit interface.

Usage Tracking and Reporting

Knowledge is power! Understand usage patterns and compare the most viewed units and properties. UrbanForm is capabale of tracking multiple usage events such as floors and units selections, menu items, devices and leads submitted directly by potential buyers.

Virtual Assistant

Chat and inquire about properties and spaces, using text, voice or video


Featured videos, full screen fly by animations and video screen savers can impress any potential buyer.

360o Virtual Tours

View a property beyond just a gallery of static pictures. UrbanForm allows you to experience properties in true to life detail by gliding through 3D floor plans while interacting with furnished condo units or commercial spaces.


Explore interior and exterior renderings and images of properties.

Real-time Feeds and Social Media

Learn about the latest property updates while allowing your friends and family to interact with the property. The property can be shared through the use of all common Social Media platforms.

(AR) Augmented Reality

Bring properties to life and interact with them using blueprints, brochures and business cards by simply aiming your tablet or phone at them and watching as a detailed 3D property rises from it.

Kiosk Mode

Turn the UrbanFormTM solution into the ideal sales center presentation tool with a click of a button.

Surrounding Attractions

Explore the location of your new potential condo or office, and discover its surrounding attractions and landmarks.

Are you a marketing or a sales firm?

UrbanFormTM just might be the right tool for you.

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